Silence is not the absence of reaction. Silence IS a reaction.

Silence can mean sideration.

Silence can mean surprize.

Silence can mean disagreement

Silence can mean fear.

Silence is multiple.

It can be silent; no expression; no word (oral); no message (written)

It can be noisy; expressions; but no word is coming out.

Silence is a raw information that can (and must) be intepreted because very often it’s more sincere than any other reaction.



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When starting an exploration, it’s ok not having all the answers. This is even the reason why we start an exploration and not a development.

Even if we do not have all the answers, we have convictions, insights and worldviews. We are not shooting in any random direction. We explore a specific and defined hypothesis.

Mindset, methodologies and tools for such a journey have to be chosen accordingly.

When starting a development, it’s not ok to only have a worldview. We need objective evidences of what we will do and why we will do it.

Mindset, methodologies and tools for such a journey have to be chosen accordingly.

Let’s not confuse both. The ending point of the first phase is the starting point of the second one.



image by Hadija Saidi (Unsplash)

… and that is the problem.

We know how to do, because we have done it before.

Excepted the context was slightly different.

Excepted the people where not the same.

Excepted the product was another one.

Excepted the culture was not comparable.


In fact, we do not know.

We have experiences that will help us explore and discover how to do it by asking (ourselves) tons of questions.

Then we will know.

Until next time.



To build a new steady state, we need to go through a transient state.

The required qualities & skills for both are not the same.

As paradoxical it can sound, we need strong transient state leaders (change agents) to build a new steady state system.

Once the new steady state is reached, those same leaders can regulate the system, protect it from outside threats and evaluate the need for a future new steady state.

Change agents are kind of hybrid personalities as they both have to envision a steady state (exploitation) and navigate through a transient state (exploration) at the same time.



Jean-Marie Buchilly

Jean-Marie Buchilly


Jean-Marie is an engineer. And a wine lover. And a runner. And the father of a 10 years old girl. And he thinks he can change the world. And he is trying. Now.